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Young people say that travelling to different countries benefits them and the society. Do you agree or disagree? give your opinion


Due to globalization our world has become global village. Galore of people are migrating in the quest of green pastures. One school of thought asserts that this process is worthwhile for the community and  teenagers. I agree with the assertion because it opens the door of opportunity although others do not turn blind to the downsides of it since it alleviate the supply of narcotic drugs.

At the outset, adolescence have pretty established comfort zone at home but being in a new place force them to step out from the comfort zone, and face the challenges of life. Attribute of this is they become internally strong and fearless.  Apart from this, teenagers can make better interpersonal skills by interacting and socializing with strangers, and this makes their communication skills more strong. Another vital point is, travelling endow tremendous opportunity for fun, adventure and discovery. When pupil visit the places in other countries they learn new culture , history of the specific area. They discover similarities and differences within the culture. This helps them to enrich their lives by soaring their knowledge and widen their perspective.

At the end of day, in today’s scenario, tourism has taken very seriously in some countries like India, Thailand. This is because travel and tourism are important part of their economy. To illustrate, a survey by the ‘Times of India’ divulged that last year Indian government had cumulated hundred millions from tourism industry. This emphasizes the ample civilians to commence picking up career in the realm of tourism as travel blogger, trip organizer.

On the whole, it is crystal clear from the aforementioned statements that travelling is equivalent to education. It brings people closer to each other which is mandatory in today’s global world.

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