Some people think that managers alone should make decision in the company while others think that employees should be involved in the decision making process too.


Managers and employees are the main pillar of the company. Decisions of these professionals will determine the fate of company. One school of thought asserts that, apex authority should include workers in decision making because it develops the sense of belongingness in them, while others do not turn a blind eye on the downsides of this, since it can divulge the information.

At the outset, in today’s world cut throat competition is going on in corporate sector, therefore companies should  use all bright minds to access the different innovative ideas which aid the firm to step ahead from its counterparts. To make it more precise, if an IT company wants to alter its frame work of programming language then managers should discourse with the senior software developers, since these experts have tremendous experience of working on different platforms. Therefore they vividly predict whether or not new framework is worthwhile. Adding to this, if organization listen the advice of employees it will motivate them to put their best efforts for the achievement of company’s goals.

People who dissent with above points urge that, companies have their own confidential information which they cannot discourse with all the employees. This is because, if data is disclose it can be misused by staff. Furthermore, managers   are nourished with all the management proficient during their tertiary education which helps them to resolve stumbling blocks in better way than others.

On the whole, it is crystal clear from the aforementioned statements that according to the circumstances apex employers should allow the participation of employees, and make them feel a part of a company.

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