Some people say that popular tourist destinations are receiving bad effects from travelers why does this happened and what can be done to resolve this?


It is certainly true that due to globalization our world has become global village which spurs the dwellers to traveler all around the world. One school of thought avers that quality of ample tourist places are deteriorating due to uncontrolled follow of visitors. This essay will explain the causes and seek the solution for this issue

At the outset, predominantly irresponsible person endeavour to detriment the famous places because they do not comprehend the real importance of the places and thought it is onus of the apex authority to preserve their glorious places, and therefore they usually   throw litter, wrapper on the road instead of putting it in the trash box, and vandalize the ancient monuments by curved it . To cite an example, Rome is well-known tourist place for ancient sculpture, of-late some travelers had curved their name on the famous sculpture due to this the state has built bars all around the monuments. Apart from this, nowadays islands have become major tourist attraction because of this, many private companies have commenced the cruise services, and this has negative effect on marine life, and accelerates the pollution level in water.

It is time to make some amendments in legislation to resolve the issue. The top authority should make stringent law to protect the places and environment. This thing vividly demonstrated in prosperous nations, they charge high fine and jail of two years for not obeying the code of conduct and this is the core reason that dwellers and visitors always throw litters in the trash box. Adding to this, local authority should hire some volunteers, who encourage the tourist that do not throw trash on the roads.

On the whole it is crystal clear from the aforementioned statements that our ancestors and nature have bestowed us tremendous incredible things, and it is our liability to protect them whether we are or not native of that place.

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