Some companies and organization require their employees to wear uniform.


Some companies and organization require their employees to wear uniform what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform?

Setting a code of conduct in connection to uniform at workplace has become rampant thing. One school of thought assert that dress code is privilege for organization as well as for individuals. For the former it is walking advertisement, and for the latter it resolves the dilemma of matching color combination.

There are numerous factors which reveal the benefits of wearing uniform. At the outset, uniform spread equality in the organizations. The employees should be seen same in companies irrespective of their social status. It does not matter whether or not they are rich, everyone is treats in same manner. Dress code has brings workers of all the background on one platform. Another vital point is uniform also acts as armor in high risk jobs. Firefighters, for example , wear  heavy stuff uniform  that protect them from flames and excessive heat. Last but not least, it also source of marketing.  When employees step out in the locality and the working sector, people notice the company name , logo emblem on the uniform. This creates the brand awareness.

People who dispute with above points opine, companies should focus on capability of employees in spite of dress code. Since worker’s knowledge and assiduous can accelerate the growth of industry. In addition to this, sometimes poorly design work’s clothes can result in restricted performance. For example, in restaurants and bars girls have to wear mini dress. This makes them discomfort, and hence constrict their work output.

On the whole, it is crystal clear from aforementioned statements that, in threat zone areas uniform should be mandatory. Although,  in offices companies can make a rule of wearing formal dress despite of uniform.

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