In many countries woman no longer feel the need to get married.


In many countries woman no longer feel the need to get married. Some people believe that is because woman are able to earn their own income and therefore do not required the financial security that marriage can bring.

In today’s dynamic world, the rate of unmarried woman is significantly increasing. One school of thought avers that undeniable explanation for this issue is women are becoming more and more independent in monetary status and able to lead a comfortable life. However in my opinion there are several other factors which contribute to foster this trend.

At the outset, youngsters are very enthusiastic in connection to their aspirations. They do not want any adjustment with it , and therefore   they step aside from marriage. To cite an example,  a single person can concentrate more on her work  since she does not has any other ought  except her own liabilities whereas married woman have ample tasks such as manage household activities . Adding to this, many a time females have to give up their job for the sake of children or parent in law. Owing of it, woman sacrifice their own dreams and goals, and become dependent on the breadwinner of family.

Nowadays the number of divorce cases is increasing at alarming rate. It creates fear in person’s mind and they consider marriage is a destruction of life.  This is because, life after this horrible thing goes through sea changes and it is beyond the realm of possibility for layman person to overcome from all the issues.  At the end of day, myriad countries have made the legislation of living relationship it is same as marriage however person can step out from the relation if things do not work according to their expectation. Therefore predominantly youngsters prefer this process in spite of marriage.

On the whole, it is crystal clear from the aforementioned statements that masses want to enjoy their life which is full of adventures, fun, and free from restriction and responsibilities which come with marriage.

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